Dead and Dirty in Dubai Part 7: Sexy Hotel Rendezvous

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Billy walked out of the bar into the main lobby of the hotel, zombie chick in tow. He spotted Alex, who was looking around the room in a panic.

“Well now what’s the problem here?” asked Billy.

“There’s a bunch of sex freaksĀ outside,” Alex said, “And pretty soon they’re gonna be in here! We gotta get out!”

Billy took a look out the front door, which had been shoddily barricaded by Alex. The zombies outside were humping the door furiously in an attempt to get in.

“Well now y’all just calm down,” Billy said, kneeling, “We gotta pray to the Baby Jesus for strength.”

Alex looked around the lobby in a panic as Billy prayed. “We can’t go out the front, I guess we gotta break into one of the rooms and get out the window that way,” Alex said, rushing at one of the doors, trying to break it open.

“Hey now calm down son!” shouted Billy, “Don’t go breakin’ those doors down! I own this place!” He took a key out of his pocket and calmly unlocked the door.

Alex ran to the window and looked out. He gasped in horror as he saw Jenny running towards the hotel. “Look, those perverts are chasing that woman! We gotta save her!”

“Alright,” Billy said, “I guess that would be ’bout the most polite thing to do.”

Billy’s date said nothing, but stood in the room drooling on herself.

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