Dead and Dirty in Dubai Part 3: Anarchy in the UAE

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Across the city, Alex Patterson — a young, hippy-looking man in his early 20s — stood outside the brand new Stately Hotel, protesting. Over the past few days he had noticed some strange things, like buildings collapsing, explosions and fires, or just how weird people have been acting. Today though, nobody else had shown up to protest with him. He flipped open his phone and called one of his friends.

“Hey,” Alex said, “Where are you? I can’t overthrow capitalism on my own!”

“I’m sick,” the friend said, “Not to mention have you not noticed the chaos taking over the city?”

“That’s probably a good thing,” Alex said, “It means anarchy is winning, I think?”

As Alex was speaking, he felt a hand resting lightly on his shoulder in a provocative manner.

“Hello?” Alex said, turning around, “Are you here to help with the protest?”

Yes…” groaned the man behind him.

“Great! Here, I’ve got some flyers you can hand out,” Alex said, pushing the flyers into the man’s hands, “But I don’t know how well it will work out, the people around here don’t really seem that interested in anything.”

Are you interested?” asked the man.

Oh yes, we’re interested,” growled the people nearby, advancing on Alex. He laughed nervously.

“Well this is great! We can all stand here and protest this hotel then…”

The people moved closer and closer, eventually standing in a huge circle around Alex. They began putting their hands on him and touching him inappropriately.

“Hey, you know, maybe afterwards,” he said, “But uh, right now I’d like to keep my mind on the job?”

The people said nothing, but continued to surround him, becoming more vigorous with their movements.

“Hey look,” Alex said, panicking, “You all are really nice and all, you know, but I think maybe we should have dinner first, get to know each other or something.” He broke out of the crowd and ran into the hotel.

It was worse than anyone thought. These weren’t just zombies. They were sexy zombies.

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