2 A.M. Isn’t Real Life (A poem?)

Here I am, 21st century man:
Hating the past, afraid of future, bored of the present.
A postmodern joke, a meaningless narrative, an absurdist nightmare (a meaningless joke, an absurdist narrative, a postmodern nightmare? an absurdist joke, a postmodern narrative, a meaningless nightmare?)
Infinite possibility and potential: brutally murdered by infinite apathy and indecision.
Half-glimpsing half-truths of other worlds, half-believing them until the morning.
Lava inside an ice cube inside a furnace.
Bullet point philosophies:

  • Understood superficially
  • Adopted halfheartedly
  • Discarded casually
  • Lather, rinse, repeat, ad nauseum (and what nausea it is)

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